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Throw In is a tribute to the best game ever, Kick Off 2. It is developed by Gianluca Troiano, the 2003 and 2004 Kick Off 2 World Champion. Throw in attempt to reproduce the classic gameplay of Kick Off 2 and it's designed to offer fast action with responsive controls.. Just as in Kick Off 2 you can do anything on the pitch with just a single fire button.

The final version will probably be released in April 2007. Until then you can testplay betaversions that are available for download. Gianluca will happily accept any comments and help for his game. If you are willing to help, you can visit the [Kick Off World Forums] .


Announcement (8/1/2007)

The development of the game is really promising. I'm quite sure Throw In 0.8 will be a game really enjoyable especially for old school fans. The new GFX made by Danne is also in progress with some interesting results. Stay tuned for more news!


Screenshots (beta 0.8 WIP)

s1jw6.th.jpg s2mo2.th.jpg clipboard04ta4vp4.th.jpg clipboard2qv3.th.jpg


screenshot3548gb.th.jpg screenshot2114oh.th.png screenshot7262mb.th.jpg tacticeditorsnap0hi.th.jpg formation6dc.th.jpg

Trailer (4/2/2005)

You Tube video

High Quality (31 MB)

Low Quality (2.6 MB)

New Controls

KEYBOARD 1 ARROWS+RIGHT CTRL (2nd button:right shift) KEYBOARD 2 WASD+LEFT SHIFT (2nd button:backslash)


Shooting You shoot as soon as you push the button SELECTABLE POWER: If you hold the button you increase the shot power

Trapping When you are far from the ball, hold the fire button

Passing When you are trapping the ball, just press a direction and then release the button THROUGH PASSINGS: Just use the aftertouch as soon as the passing is taken (you can even raise the ball) 2nd button: Just press the 2nd button when you are colse to the ball and you could perform a passing

Defensive sliding Just press the button when you are close to the ball AFTERTOUCH SLIDING: Just use the aftertouch CLEARING SLIDING: Hold on the button to increase the shooting power

Headers Just push the button when the ball is high HOW TO SHOT: Hold on the button, this will increase the power DIRECTIONAL HEADERS: Change direction when you are about to hit the ball AFTERTOUCH HEADER:Just use the aftertouch

Offensive slidings and Diving headers Just press the button when you are close to the goal and you can't reach the ball

Overhead kicks UP-DOWN-FIRE AFTERTOUCH OVERHEAD KICKS:Just use the aftertouch

Throw ins Wait until you teammates move and are free. Then chose a direction and press fire. LONG THROW IN: Just use aftertouch

Free kicks : attack BEFORE PRESSING THE BUTTON: Left&Right to chose the direction of the shot HOW TO SET THE HEIGHT: The height is assigned by the time you hold the button. As soon as you release the button, the shot is taken HOW TO SET THE SWERVE: Just use the aftertouch when the player is running toward the ball

Free kicks : defence Left&Right: moves the wall up&down+fire button: increase-decrease the wall

Aftertouch goalkicks, penalties As soon as the shot is taken just move the stick left or right

Corners HOW TO SET THE POWER: Power is decided by the amount of time you hold the button HOW TO SET THE HEIGHT: Just push left or right before the shot is taken HOW TO SET THE SWERVE: Move the stick and set the aftertouch while the kicker is running to the ball

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Throw In v0.071b

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