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Sensible Soccer 2006 What The Critics Said

From Kick Off World of Soccer - wikickoff

All critic scores are converted to a 100-point scale. If a critic does not indicate a score, we assign a score based on the general impression given by the text of the review.


90 EuroGamer

It's fast, flowing, and exciting, it's instantly intuitive, it's rewarding and above all, relentlessly entertaining. If Sensible Soccer 2006 was a football team, it'd be getting an open top bus ride for its long overdue return to gaming's Premiership.

74 Games Master UK

Not just a nostagia-fest, a credible arcade alternative to the big boys. [July 2006, p.70]

72 GameSpot

True, the budget price, wealth of tournaments, and fantastic multiplayer mode make this a recommendable purchase, but anyone expecting the next stage of evolution for the franchise won't find it here. Read Full Review

60 RewiredMind

Sensible Soccer 2006 is a really mixed bag. On one hand, there is the feeling of pure joy that comes from playing the game for the first twenty minutes. On the other, there’s the feeling of pure annoyance that comes from playing for an hour. This is a difficult one to judge, but the budget price swings it into the realms of “above average.” Read Full Review

60 PSW Magazine UK

While it can't hope to rival either FIFA or PES, Sensible Soccer remains the most pick-up-and-playable footy game ever, making up for many of its failings. Read Full Review

60 Edge Magazine

It’s hard to care about any of Sensible’s faults, in fact, because the game itself is so carefree. When licensed music, commentaries and photorealism are brought down to earth by pure and simple pleasures, it seems churlish to do anything other than join in. [July 2006, p.86]

60 Pro-G

Occasionally players will simply refuse to move towards the ball. The computer changes its mind over which player you're controlling so frequently that players on both teams appear to be performing a kind of ritualistic dance around the ball. Read Full Review

58 PSM2 Magazine UK

The simple fact is that this isn't even fit to lace the boots of those early Amiga versions of Sensible Soccer. It's nowhere near as fun as that was, and it genuinely hurts us to say that. [July 2006, p.82]

50 games(TM)

Quotation forthcoming. [July 2006]

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