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Sensible Soccer 2006 FAQ

From Kick Off World of Soccer - wikickoff

Sensible 2006 F. A. Q.


What are the main ideas behind this remake?

Read this official statement about the ethos Codemasters got running in redeveloping the game for a new audience, so the veterans can understand where they are coming from:

The 2006 version of Sensible Soccer is a re-imaging of the original Sensible Soccer, 15 years since Jon Hare first conceived it. We're adding a modern day polish to the technical aspects (graphics/sound etc) but keeping the core gameplay intact: the banana kicks, the sliding tackles and the fast and furious action will all be in there.

  1. To say thanks to the fans that have asked for it to return - we've finally listened! We've had many thousands of requests to bring back the game and so we caved in and we're working on a new version for you. Give something back - try and make you all smile!
  2. This version will be a test to see if Sensible Soccer in the 21st Century still can be a winner - if next year's release is a hit then we'll certainly consider bringing it back and adding more features (online multiplayer for example, or the SWOS managerial options).

So I hope you're all looking forward to the game and can't wait to play some of the original Sensi magic soon!"

Will it be possible to control shots with the famous "aftertouch" like in SWOS?

Yes, the gameplay concerning shots will be very similar to SWOS.

Will it feature the old player ratings with the 5 stars?

Yes, it will again be very similar to SWOS!

How many leagues from which countries will be available?

Top 2 divisions of England, Italy, Spain Germany, France, Scotland, Holland and Portugal. Furthermore there are all European cups as well as EC, WC and Africa-Cup ..

How many teams will be in the new Sensi?

There are over 350 teams to play with altogether and that doesn't include the custom teams!

Is there a multiplayer online mode?

No, no online play at this time and there won't be in the released game.

Sensible Soccer was a one button and joystick affair!

The same buttons do different things depending on what's going on. But there will definately be sprint-button!

What's new about the cameras/views?

You've still got a fixed angle view up the pitch, but now we've got a very subtle intelligent camera that zooms in on the action at certain points, giving you a better view of what's going on.

Any changes to the goalies?

There won't be that famous "sweet spot" where if you came in a particular angle and then shot at precisely the right time you'd beat the goalie every time. You can choose between self-controlling or elect to let the CPU worry about them if you don't fancy it.

Will there be any animated videos in the new Sensi?

Yes, a number of very short rendered cut scenes for key match moments like injuries, sending offs and bookings, celebrations etc. (all skipable)!

Any news on the title music/soundtrack?

With this version of Sensible Soccer we're doing a re-make of the original "Goalscoringsuperhero", bringing it up to date to fit in with today's modern music.

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