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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is the latest release in Konami's hugely successful Pro Evolution Soccer franchise.


Pro Evolution Soccer 6 was released on 27th October 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. The DS and PSP versions will follow on the 3rd November. A criticism of the previous version was that the game was too unforgiving and so suppressed fluid attacking football. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 promises to 'embrace the beautiful game' with more tricks and an overall more attacking mentality, with players encouraged to take people on. More licensed teams are promised, along with new boots, hairstyles and an improved Master League. More licenses are included, including fully licensed international kits with England, Spain and Italy to name a few (as well as the ever present Japan license) the French Ligue 1 Orange is now fully licensed plus more club licenses, including great teams such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon and Bayern Munich, but also small ones such Olympiakos C.F.P. A Bundesliga license was supposed to happen but Konami were forced to remove the Bundesliga license, which means the Bundesliga will not be present in PES6, not even as a series of unlicensed teams.

The Xbox 360 version contains next-gen, Hi-Definition graphics and more animations, but gameplay similar to the console versions and according to a recent interview with Seabass, the edit mode has been stripped down for the Xbox 360 release, due to technical restrictions. A new DS version is set, with gameplay and graphics reminiscent to the PlayStation Pro Evolution Soccer games. The graphics engine on the PC will not utilise the next-gen 360 engine but will again be a direct conversion of the PlayStation 2 engine.

In the UK Pro Evolution Soccer 6 managed to outsell FIFA 07’s debut week by over 20 per cent – and while PES6 sold slightly fewer units on PS2 than its predecessor did last year, it succeeded in breaking Dead Rising’s week one Xbox 360 record.

Features Missing in the Xbox 360 version

  • Ability to Edit Team Names
  • Ability to Edit Kits
  • Ability to Edit Player Appearances
  • Ability to Edit Boots
  • Ability to Create Players
  • Ability to Rename Leagues
  • No PES Shop
  • No Replay Save feature, despite being listed in the Game's manual as being assigned to X button
  • Ability to swap kit combinations in Master League
  • Online servers having problems from the start


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