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New Star Soccer, also known as NSS, is a computer game published by New Star Games, which lets the gamer create and control a new football player as he moves through the ranks of the football leagues and national teams. Its creator, Si Read, was inspired by Sports Interactive's Championship Manager, and Gremlin Interactive's Footballer of the Year.



At the beginning the gamer is able to specify everything, from player's nationality, team and division, to selecting his strengths by assigning a fixed number of points across various skills (flair, strength, pace, passing, etc.). Once this is done the game begins, with a full fixture list for each season, including continental and national team matches.

Starting out as a young footballer working way to the top, the gamer controls many aspects of a footballer's life: relationships with his team-mates, manager, fans, supporters, girlfriends, and family; own money management and expenditure; training; club and sponsor contracts, and many other features.

In the first two versions of the game, NSS 1 (2003) and NSS 2 (2004), the action on the field was a running text commentary of key elements of the match, where certain situations required intervention to make a decision on how the player acts, like whether to pass, tackle or shoot, for example.

Since the third version of the game - NSS 3, released in 2005, the gamer controls his player with the keyboard or joystick. Matches are played out in 2D graphics giving full control of the player's actions.




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