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Kick Off World of Soccer logo

Welcome to Kick Off World of Soccer, the blog about Old School Football games.

All the website is devoted to classic top-down arcade-style soccer videogames expecially to all those games inspired by masterpieces like Kick Off 2 and Sensible World of Soccer seeking to identify and catalog games, and related resources, that challenge and subvert mainstream football gaming conventions

Football Games are basically been divided into two categories; the mainstream majority and the others. Across the various expressive mediums, “the others” have been referred to by several names including  experimental, independent, and/or underground. Multiple arguments could be legitimately made to differentiate between those designations, but one characteristic remains constant- they are all reactions to a mainstream form of media.

While the latter is characterized by its commercial imperative, corporate hierarchies, and high degree of specialization and division of labor, the indipendent developer is and ‘artisan’ or ‘personal’ mode…If mainstream [soccer gaming] is governed by an ethos of entertainment– with all the associations of escapism and leisure implied by that term– the indies, by contrast, aims to challenge and subvert. At its most radical, the avant-garde asks us to rethink fundamentally our preconceptions about [football games].

Kick Off World of Soccer seeks to identify and catalog Football games, and related resources, that challenge and subvert mainstream gaming conventions. It is our hope that through these actions we will be able to call attention to this movement as a whole and further motivate the alternative football gaming community.

On this blog you’ll find all the games from late 80s to mid-90s, where the games industry were not “mainstream”, that have in common the innovative concepts, 2D graphics, fast arcade action and a very accurate control over the players. This website will promote also all the new alternative games of the mainstream games. This place is supporting all the indipendent works, commercial and open source too.
All the remakes of classic games like Sensible Soccer 2006 and Up Soccer will be welcome, the hacked versions of original games like Kick Off 2 competition version will be welcome too.

A complete section of emulators for every computer, console and handhelds will be provided to help everyone on playing the classic games on every platform.

Every developer are invited to contact us on every update or on every releases of patches, games and software, emulators and patches are welcome. We’ll be happy to pubblish your work son don’t hesitate on contacting us through our mailing list!